FAQs About Our CBD Lotion for Skin Care

Are CBD-Based Moisturizing Lotions Safe?

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Yes, our Coconut-Scented CBD Moisturizing Lotion is 100% THC-free. All our products contain hemp that’s well within federally approved limits, and our production and manufacturing processes adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.

How Many Times Do I Use This Professional CBD Skin Care Lotion?

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For best results, use our coconut-scented lotion at least 4 times a day. Just pump out the desired amount from the bottle and massage it onto your skin for complete absorption. This will protect your skin throughout the changing seasons and keep common skin complaints at bay.

Can It Be Shipped to My Doorstep?

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Absolutely! We ship across the nation. However, we reserve the right to not deliver products to states whose laws prohibit the retail of CBD products. You will also receive a full refund in case payments have been made.

Why Should I Add CBD Coconut Lotion to My Daily Skincare Regimen?

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Our Coconut Scented CBD Lotion smells good and works wonderfully for your skin. It brings the dual benefits of natural ingredients as well as the refreshing, pain-relieving properties of CBD in a bottle! What’s not to love about our skin care collection?

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